The First Bitef fundraising dinner

The first fundraising dinner of the Bitef festival was successfully held in the Square Nine hotel, supported by I&F McCann Grupa, the official friend of the festival. The fundraising dinner, which gathered representatives from the diplomatic core, numerous people form the business, entertainment and public life, raised funds for the realization of the Bitef festival. There was also an auction where works from our famous artists like Vladimir Veličković, Uroš Đurić, Mihael Milunović and Vuk Vidor Veličković were sold, as well as a poster and a catalog of the first Bitef from 1967, which was designed by Vladislav Lalicki. The surprise of the auction were special Bitef experiences, a study trip with Ivan Medenica, the art director of Bitef festival, and a theater workshop for 10 people in the Bitef theater with famous artists. Ivan Medenica, the art director of Bitef, announced the foundation of Bitef’s friends club.

Among others, the crowd was also adressed by Miloš Latinović, Bitef’s director, and the founder of I&F McCann Grupa Srđan Šaper, but also our famous actor Svetozar Cvetković.

Welcoming the guests, Bitef’s director Miloš Latinović conveyed their gratitude to everyone who came by saying: „This gives us, the people of Bitef, hope that we are not alone on our journey, and shows us that our society has finally realized that culture needs to be supported by the business world, public figures, diplomats and politics.“

Addressing the guests as Bitef’s friend whose company gave its support for the festival, Srđan Šaper said: „Bitef is a part of the world in our city and a part of Belgrade in the world. Bitef is all Belgrade’s theaters in one, and all the world’s theaters in Belgrade. Bitef is us here, as citizens of Belgrade, temporary or permanent, and as the citizens of the world, for good and forever. So supporting Bitef means supporting ourselves in making our society better and more bighearted, more open, more smart and more profound. ”

With his words Svetozar Cvetković moved everyone present and invited them to join in supporting Bitef, talking about it as the creator of „that“ world which would not exist if in 1967 Mira and Jovan didn’t come up with the idea to create „The World“ in Belgrade. At the end, he emphasized the importance of this event which managed to gather eminent people from Belgrade today by saying „The seed of such Bitef, which has great ambitions, and doesn’t survive for the sake of surviving, but a new, brave and uncompromising life of this festival was planted during this year which is slowly fading away. What kind of tree will grow from goodwill, knowledge and ambitions of those who lead it depends on all of us! So today let’s give Belgrade a chance, and let’s lend Bitef a hand and all that our heart can fit in it.“

Ivan Medenica took a short look back at all the successes of the 51st Bitef and presented everything we will be seeing at the next, 52nd Bitef, but also announced that the 50th anniversary of Bitef will me marked by an international tribune at the European Theater Awards - Premio Europa per il Teatro –on December 13th in Rome. The goal of the fundraising dinner was to set a new model of support for art and it presents a unique cultural event in Serbia.

Among others, the fundraising dinner was attended by the Ambassador of Montenegro, Ambassador of Switzerland, representatives of Raiffaisen bank, L’Oreal, Ahold-Delhaize, Telekom Srbija, Coca Cola HBC Srbija, Color Press Group, Fox, Carnex, Wiener Städtische insurance, painters Uroš Đurić, Vuk Vidor Veličković, actors Svetozar Cvetković, Tamara Vučković, Slaven Došlo, Isidora Minić, Branka Pujić, Maja Šuša, Milan Lučić, Biljana Srbljanović the writer, Robert Čoban and others.

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