Support for the media in the Balkans

The first BMAP (Balkan Media Assistance Program) media forum titled "Media, Market and Politics: New Challenges, Old Threats" was held in Sarajevo in the beginning of February. The forum was organized as part of USAID's Western Balkans Media Support Program, which is being implemented by Internews Network in partnership with FHI360. The forum brought together participants from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo.

The forum was attended by leading media industry professionals, including editors, journalists, market researchers, media analysts, marketing agencies and advertisers, including our representatives - Vanda Kučera, Vice President of I&F Grupa and Nermina Mašala Kelić, Managing Director of UM Sarajevo.

Vanda participated in the panel "Sustainability of the media - how to reach it". "As a summary of this forum, I would highlight several key words that, during all conversations, simply imposed: connecting / networking, conversation, synergy, openness, getting to know each other. Since every single market in our region is really small, for certain projects and ideas it is simply necessary to connect, both within frameworks and through industrial associations, and simply geographically/regionally. In order for the communication process to function as efficiently as possible, the fact that the media and agencies, among other things, have a common goal, which is to communicate with consumers and the market for the needs of the client in general, it is necessary to get to know each other (better). We are talking about working on projects in synergy. All of this is in some way implied, but in everyday life, it is not present enough, it turned out ... ", Vanda said.

Nermina took part in the panel „Regional Media Market: Potential and expectations“, which discussed the regional positions and the situation in the media, as well as the needs and possibilities of regional integration. "Our markets are in many respects leant toward each other. There is no exception in the case of the media industry. I think that I&F Grupa can be a great example of how to make a positive use of the huge potential of regional cooperation, "added Nermina.