Sparkles of pride for McCann Podgorica - "Iskra" in Hollywood

Meet Ana Vujadinović, Copywriter at McCann Podgorica, who joined the race for the Oscars with her movie "Iskra" (Sparkle), to which she signed the script.

The genre film in our language area has been quite neglected in recent years, so Iskra, a thriller by genre, has been accepted by critics as a refreshment. Film’s story takes place simultaneously in three different time frames, which are skillfully interwoven in an intriguing, tense and exciting way. The story follows Petar, a retired inspector whose monotonous retirement days are interrupted by the disappearance of his daughter, young journalist Iskra. The search for her opens the doors of the distant past, as long forgotten things start resurfacing. The main roles were entrusted to Mirko Vlahovic, Mladen Nelević and young Jelena Simić, who played the role of Iskra in a very subtle yet powerful way.

Meet Ana Vujadinović, copywriter at McCann Podgorica, who entered the race for Oscars thanks to the film Iskra. Here’s what she says about the movie, screenplay, and her job at McCann.

“Iskra, my first feature film, the scenario for which I wrote together with the director Gojko Berkuljan, is the Montenegrin candidate for the 91st Academy Awards – Oscars, in the category of Best Foreign Film in 2018. This beautiful news that our debut project will take a little walk to Hollywood (and we together with it, hopefully!), arrived just after I joined the McCann team. What a boost on the eve of a new beginning!

I could be falsely modest, but I won’t. The entire team behind Iskra is very much flattered with the trust and the candidate title. We had a lot of troubles to get this film finished. We did not hope for anything, and we became proof that the effort pays off, that our professions are not useless and, most importantly, that there are people who want to hear what we have to say.

After this success, I see no reason why I wouldn’t dream of some other great acknowledgment in the world of advertising. From a student project, filmed with a budget that isn’t enough to buy shoe laces, Iskra has become a Montenegrin candidate for Oscars. Why then would I not believe I could contribute to the creative team of McCann, and that we could do really great things together? You may think I’m speaking from a beginner’s elation, but regardless. I plan to keep my enthusiasm and enter the marketing world with great expectations, especially from myself.

Although my agency life has just started, I already notice many similarities and touchpoints with the life of a filmmaker. On both fronts you have to tell the truth. You have to package this truth and process it through the vortex of creativity, then give it a quality treatment, convey the message, and make the message reach the desired group of people. If you grab the attention of that group and make them think, after hearing what you have to say, you are on the right track.

The more I discover about the copywriter’s position, the more I feel the same kind of excitement and sparks in my body, as I’ve felt when I was beginning to discover scenario as a form, and film as a medium. I recognize the breadth and many ways to create space for creativity and expression, very similar to the one that film provides. It is up to me to continue learning, discovering, and succeeding in combining these two activities, to achieve good results. I hope I won’t falter!