Pavle Banović in Novembar gallery

Ever since he appeared on the Belgrade art scene, Pavle Banović has offered viewers and critics what they want – content worth consuming. Since their days at the Fine Arts Academy to his 2022 “Mangelos” award, the young visual artist has been attracting our attention. This is one of contemporary art’s greatest challenges, especially among the public that has come of age in a sea of viral content. And it is precisely this topic that is the focus of Pavle Banović’s art – content consumption, attention, the production of desire, and in a more general sense, internet culture, pop culture, the aesthetics of social media, everyday life off and online, as well as love and corporeality in the modern age. Works exhibited in Novembar Gallery represent their current opus which includes video, video performances, photography and conceptual works.

Pavle Banović (1998, Belgrade) graduated and did master studies in new media art at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He was a member of the young art collective Institute for Applause, as well as of a current project called The Society of Shared Responsibility / d.u.o. He has worked and exhibited in venues including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Goethe-Institut, U10 Art Space and Podroom Gallery in Belgrade, P74 Gallery in Ljubljana and Kunstlerhaus in Vienna. He is the winner of the Telekom Serbia award (2018), MFRU (2020) in Maribor, and the Mangelos award (2022).

Source: Galerija Novembar