Our representatives at the Google Executive Summit

Jovana Petrović, Head of Regional Connection Planning and Digital at UM Beograd, and Nina Jocic, Head of Online Media at UM Zagreb, participated at the Google Executive Summit in California.

Jovana and Nina visited San Francisco in California and the Google Adriatic Executive Summit 2019. Google was a great host and, on this occasion, they were given a truly unique experience of visiting Googleplex, which is actually the center of Google itself. It is a campus of about 190,000 square meters with 5,000 - 6,000 people.

Nina and Jovana felt the atmosphere of the famous Google office culture in a unique way, but also heard what Google experts consider important for the organizational climate and what they regard as a healthy culture in a business organization in general.

Several Google speakers have (in a classically) very attractive manner presented the Google's vision of the future of marketing, the knowledge and opportunity sources for brands, and in fact everyone has agreed on it: the data that brand, or a business organization in general, collects and uses in a smart way gives us the opportunity to be strongly competitive on the market and measure the performance of the business. So, the essence is - data.

On the second day, they participated in a workshop at the renowned Stanford University, "Cultural rituals for future-ready organizations @Standford". Going to the Summit was a worthwhile moment to get to know people from the industry, meet with those you already know and work with, discover the news and discover how the digital ecosystem is being created by Google, because this organization has been almost distant and accessible for Serbia only through online support forms.