Norwegian Red Cross won one-year free outdoor advertising in cooperation with McCann Oslo

In November, Clear Channel launched its traditional "Local Heroes" competition for 2021.

According to Clear Channel, this year they received a record number of high-quality applications from committed agencies that promoted "their" charitable organization. In other words, it was not easy to choose a winner, but "Visiting friend with dog", which McCann has made together with the Red Cross, pulled the longest straw.

A sovereign measure against loneliness

Loneliness has long been established as "the modern disease of the people”.

And after almost a year of drastic measures to stagnate the COVID-19 pandemic, it has not become less widespread. On the contrary. However, a sovereign measure against loneliness is contact with animals.

The research is unequivocal: Close contact with animals has a positive effect on health, both physically and mentally. Not only does it reduce stress, lowers blood pressure, and counteract depression, but spending time with a four-legged friend can meet a person's need for warmth, comfort, and care.

One year of free outdoor advertising

One organization that has taken this issue seriously is the Norwegian Red Cross. Their offer “Visiting friend with dog” with good help from the pet store chain Musti, contributes with joy in everyday life to people who desperately need it. Today, there are about 600 volunteers with their dogs who visit weekly. Together with McCann Oslo, they submitted an unbeatable application for the Local Heroes competition. As the winner of the competition, the Norwegian Red Cross and their “Visiting Friend with a dog”, will receive one year of free outdoor advertising on all the digital surfaces of Clear Channel.

- For the Red Cross and "Visiting Friend with a dog" it means a lot to win this competition.

"We always need visibility, and in that way recruit new volunteers. This visibility will lead to even more people being visited by a volunteer with their four-legged spreader of joy," says Kristin MacBeath from the Norwegian Red Cross.

For McCann, this is already the best treat of the year, according to Kim Amundsen, Atle Mosling, and Pia Østen.

"It means a lot to win when we can help the Red Cross reach even more people who need a paw to hold on to and a warm fur to cuddle with. There are many who really need it now. Many thanks to the jury and Clear Channel as well, for supporting the Red Cross and "Visiting friend with dog". We wag proudly."

About Local Heroes

Local Heroes is a creative competition where agencies, students, and others with an interest in advertising, media, PR, and communication, compete for advertising space on Clear Channel's digital surfaces in favor of a charitable organization that gives back to society in Norway. The price corresponds to a value of two million Norwegian Nok.