McCann Zagreb - Agency of The Year in Croatia

McCann Zagreb has been named The Agency of the Year in Croatia. The award ceremony took place at the Ideja X, national festival for original ideas that push the boundaries, regardless of the type of media in which they are presented. Our agencies together with our clients were also successful on Effie awards ceremony.

Tomislav Presečki, Managing Director of McCann Zagreb on this occasion said: "The award for "Agency of the Year" at the national festival of advertising Dani komunikacije confirms that the coordinated agency team is fully dedicated to achieving the goal of being the best agency in Croatia. Special thank you goes to our clients without whose trust and support awards would not be possible, our partnership approach when creating campaigns gives also excellent business results. For me personally, as well as throughout the agency, this success is the best motivation to be even better.”

McCann Zagreb agency team who worked on winning campaigns: Ena Lukić, Irena Deiuri Rešetar, Petra Gajica, Sandra Mrkšić, Vjekica Buljan, Luka Pervan, Žarko Kuvalja, Daniel Vuković, Saša Ivan, Iva Šimunović, Ines Kalinić, Igor Miletić, Hrvoje Škurla, Krešimir Grancarić and Sonja Zavacki Čepelak.

In addition to awards at Idea X, McCann Zagreb and UM Zagreb won Effie Awards, the prestigious awards for outstanding and effective advertising. UM Zagreb won the Grand Prix and a gold Effie award while McCann Zagreb won two bronze medals, one of which together with the UM Zagreb agency team.

Managing Director of UM Zagreb, Mario Lovric, commented on the big success on the most prestigious marketing awards on the Croatian market in the following words: “We are very proud that UM Zagreb had a chance for the second year in a row to participate in a phenomenal team that won Effie Croatia Grand Prix for our client Zagrebačka Pivovara, as well as another Golden Effie. It is the first time that an advertiser defended the Grand Prix, and therefore this success is enormous. We are also very happy that we have won the bronze Effie for our client Coca-Cola Adria considering that this is the first Effie won for that company in Croatia, and we are very glad we won this prize together with colleagues from McCann Zagreb because it was the fruit of hard team work and great ideas of our creative and media professionals.”

UM Zagreb agency team who worked on winning campaigns: Goran Brkić, Ana Lovrić, Josipa Semren, Vlatka Kraljić, Željka Đurović Munjas and Maja Matić.

Vladimir Dimovski, COO of McCann Adriatic, on this occasion said: “I firmly believe that every good and unreservedly invested effort must eventually be rewarded, and this significant recognition of McCann Zagreb as the best agency in Croatia has strengthened my conviction. Being the agency of the year on a competitive market such as Croatia is a great success, and I am extremely proud of the whole team behind this result. I am personally convinced how much faith, hard work, dedication, and energy was invested in the past year and how much this award will mean for our future work. Our greatest power are people – those with whom we worked and still work, but also those for whom we work, and so I would like to thank our clients, who were willing to support us and trusted that together we can realise such campaigns. Once again I sincerely congratulate all on these achievements!”

The award ceremony in Rovinj was attended by Srdjan Šaper, who pointed out that this is yet another confirmation of the good direction the company is headed in this region in which it operates for two decades.

"We are committed to making our local agencies the best, while combining all together into a dream team. When people from several countries work together it brings excellent results and helps them be the best in their market. Two years ago, McCann Zagreb has become part of our team and these results prove that we have set up a good business direction. Our main idea is to employ the best people everywhere, those willing to push the boundaries and not be afraid of responsibilities. Our slogan is "the power of people” and this award for the best agency is in fact an award for the best people. For our young team, this is an encouragement to be even better for our clients and for our group as a whole, "said Srdjan Šaper.

I&F McCann Grupa, and McCann Zagreb which does business as part of it, are not stopping at success in the Southeast Europe region. In the previous year, it expanded operations to the Nordic countries, and now operates on 12 markets, encompassing 58 million people.

I&F McCann Grupa jedan je od vodećih komunikacionih sistema koji 20 godina uspešno posluje u 12 zemlja jugo istočne Evrope i nordijske regije. Naš posvećen tim čini 600 talentovanih profesionalaca, koji svakodnevno sarađuju na integraciji marketinških kampanja, promotivnih aktivnosti, organizaciji događaja, dizajnu, planiranju i zakupu medijskog prostora, PR, produkciji, komunikaciji u oblasti zdravstva, kreiranju TV sadržaja,kao i na svim formama digitalnog marketinga. Agencije koje posluju u okviru I&F McCann Grupe deo su McCann Worldgroup (,jedne od najvećih svetskih agencijskih mreža,osnovane 1902.godine koja posluje u više od 120 zemalja sveta, i u vlasništvu je Interpublic Group (IPG) ( sa sedištem u Njujorku.