McCann Stockholm new partner of energy giant E.ON

E.ON is an international renewable energy producer, whose new partner in the Swedish market is McCann Stockholm.

The energy market is changing and demand for renewable energy is increasing. E.ON has seen these changes posed by new technologies such as: solar cells, digitization and locally produced renewable energy, and now makes the greatest efforts to meet new client needs and transform their business into 100 percent renewable and recycled energy.

"McCann Stockholm will play a key role in contributing to our even greater exchange rate in our investments," said Karin Rosell, Head of Brand & Marketing at E.ON, and added: "The brand trip we started a few years ago has been successful, where we have moved our positions steadily. At the same time, both competition and hence the challenge of differentiating within the category in a meaningful and motivating way increases. This is where communication will play an increasingly important role."

"We are both happy and proud of this great trust. Secondly, it's great to work with such good people and products. It is also amazing to showcase the new, stronger McCann, where we have built powerful teams that in all respects can make a decisive difference in everything we do, whether it's about greater communication concepts, digital services or ongoing campaign optimization, said Johan Östlund, CEO of McCann Stockholm.