Interview with Ines Kalinic, playmaker at McCann Zagreb

A few days after the launch of the new campaign for Raiffeisenbank Croatia, created by McCann Zagreb, portal showed interest in interviewing the account manager who led the project - Ines Kalinić.

Ines Kalinić is the account manager at the marketing agency McCann Zagreb and these days she’s certainly very happy and proud because the new campaign for her client Raiffeisenbank Croatia has recently filled the TV channels (you can take a look at it HERE).

Aside the campaign, we were more interested in Ines, because we don't meet account managers very often (read: never!) that have spent a decade in sports.

Agency life is approaching 5 years in your career, but we've heard that you've trained basketball for 10 years? Does this sports gene come from your family or...?

Ines: Zadar is a basketball town, and my dad is from Zadar, mom played when she was young - the genes are a funny thing. There wasn't much choice...

The super cool fact is that you were a playmaker - and now you're in the marketing agency (account manager). It doesn't really seem like a coincidence, does it? Can we pull a few parallels here? How does it feel to "lead the game" in McCann, the most experienced agency in Croatia?

Ines: Coincidence or not, I'm equally enjoying both roles. Basketball is a sport I enjoy playing and watching. I like the competition and the emotions that winning, but also losing, bring to the sport. I.E. euphoria after Ivanišević's Wimbledon or sadness after Turkey's goal in the 120th minute are the feelings never forgotten. The agency also goes through that vortex of emotions. You train on a daily basis: patience, tolerance, understanding the wishes of others, respecting deadlines, communicating with clients and the creative department. In the end, you just want the project to end with a "win" and a satisfied client, but also a satisfied team. At best, instead of gold around our necks, we win an "IdejaX" or award for the Agency of the year, as McCann won in 2017. For me, that offers a feeling in range with great sports achievements.

It seems to us that growing up with sports and sports collectives makes a good training for later employment, especially in the marketing industry where teamwork is incredibly important. Would you agree?

Ines: Every time a sports topic in terms of enrolling children is on, team sports are always my answer. Nothing teaches you that you don't depend on yourself alone like team sports. You can be the best in the world, but without the "roaring" teammates you can't win. The same thing is in our industry. The best account is nothing without a creative department. The same goes vice versa (no matter how creatives sometimes think they can do without us :) ).

There are 11 women in McCann Zagreb managing projects and clinets, so it's one of the most responsible positions in the agency. Women's rights fighters could make a nice documentary in your agency.

Ines: Pointing out gender seems unnecessarily to me. I think 11 women do the same good job as 11 men would. It is a matter of desire, responsibility, experience, and competence, not gender.

List three things you like most about working in a marketing agency.

Ines: I love people the most, especially in McCann. The collective that functions as a classical family: the love, the quarrels, being all together at the table, we remember the past ones and create new interesting projects. The other two things would be everyday challenges in the form of balancing between the interests of agencies and clients, and the constant learning.

If you had to choose between the position of the chief executive and the creative director in the agency, what would you choose to do and why?

Ines: The chief executive will invite me to talk about this, but the answer is - the creative director. The ability to create ideas from a client's brief, "sell it" to your client, and ultimately realize it all the way through countless materials and communication channels delights me. I get creative with my suggestions regularly, but I mostly get refusals. Still, I don't give up.

Where would you like to be in 5 years, what would you like to do?

Ines: To be - in Croatia, perhaps in a slightly bigger apartment, with a few more beds, preferably without new wrinkles and gray hairs. To work - the first five years have flew so quickly, I expect the same from the next 5. I don't have any five-year plans. In case I win a jackpot, I'd like to do something that includes sports and kids. Since the likelihood of this is very small (although every couple of weeks a couple of us in the agency play it and dream about being the winners), I guess you will find me at the same address as today. I'm very happy for now.

To finish, who will win the NBA and why? And the 2018 World Cup in Russia?

Ines: Although it would be great if it were the Celtics, it will be the Golden State Warriors. Curry has changed the game itself, and that doesn't happen very often. Football - as the greatest fan of Croatia in general, not just in the sports sense, I say Croatia. If not - then France, as my brother says.

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