I&F Grupa the new creative partner to Bitef Festival

For the third consecutive year, I&F Grupa is the partner of Bitef Festival, and, as of this year, McCann also provides creative support to the festival in the form of a new visual identity and campaign realization. The famous poster of the Bifet Festival is a small piece of art for itself, and the author of this year's solution is Daniela Spaseva, a designer at McCann Skopje

"Within the framework of an internal creative competition, which was realized by McCann agencies in I&F Grupa system, more than 50 exceptionally good creative solutions came to us from creators from the 12 countries of the Adriatic and Nordic regions. It was interesting to see how the artists from different cultures see the theme of this year’s Bitef and how much we share in the world we live in. A jury composed of 12 creative directors, as well as representatives of the Bitef Festival, ultimately singled out an idea that unusually strongly calls for reflection. It is a visual solution by Daniela Spaseva, designer at McCann Skopje, "explained Jana Savić Rastovac, executive creative director at McCann Beograd.

"This year's theme -"Breaking the Modern World"- didn’t require any special research, because the modern world is happening to us already. Materialization and digitization have done their thing, all that was necessary was to to take a deep look around and within myself. The symbolism of the knives naturally imposed as an unequivocal answer to what is happening to us - coldness among people, alienation at all levels, from the family, and the partners, to the political community, the decay of human ideals. Knives are a metaphor for all gatherings in all communities, as they are today. The question is, do we like everything being served," added Daniela Spaseva, graphic designer at McCann Skopje agency and the author of this year's Bitef visual solution.

On this occasion, Daniela won a trip to the upcoming Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj, and the second and third place favorites won attractive prizes, which they will enjoy in the coming period.