Great success of I&F marathoners

"This Sunday in Belgrade brought me the realization of a dream that seemed unimaginable - I became a marathoner. Kilometer by kilometer, I had a great time running and had help from those who supported me with messages and advice, as well as my colleagues Predrag and Marko, who were cheering for me on the hardest points of the race - failure was not an option! I ran Belgrade with the thought that it would be wonderful for people in this region to come together through sport and healthy life, and I crossed the finish line with great pride and gave the last atoms of strength in the final sprint! " said Mario.

Our team found their inspiration in various places - from peace in the world, peace in the Balkans, running for our children, family, deceased grandfathers, Serbia, Croatia, Slavonia, colleagues from the club, colleagues from work, the desire to prolong life with sport and healthy lifestyle, and exceed your limits ...

Tijana Đurić, Account Executive at Drive, added: "A wonderful experience, incredible energy and support among the runners, and the audience who followed this spectacle, is something I will never forget! :) Another proof that the mind is stronger than the muscles :)