Front page of Nedeljnik's supplement "Energy Today" for International Earth Day

Every step we take today leaves a mark that shapes tomorrow’s world. The role of each of us, individuals, but also groups, organizations, institutions, companies, or brands, in responsibility for the days to come, is more visible and counts. The responsibility is on all of us. That is why at McCann Beograd we firmly believe that a well-thought-out strategy and responsible advertising with a meaningful and active role of brands can make this world of ours today, but even more tomorrow, a little better place to live in.

The DNA of every creative idea is change. That change is something new, useful, feasible, and now something sustainable. Some research shows that every eleventh idea experiences its realization. Let's just strive to make at least some of those eleven realized ideas for a better sustainable world.

That is why we at McCann Beograd put our knowledge into the service of thinking about innovative programs for brands, as well as campaigns of wider social significance, and initiate topics and open dialogues in society in the field of human rights, equality, culture, and art, as well as partnerships of big brands and organizations. This multi-year endeavor got its name and today we call it sustainable creativity. What is sustainable creativity? Simple: it is creativity that is good for profit, but above all good for people and the planet.

The front page of Nedeljnik's supplement "Energy Today" is our contribution to that belief.