Daniel Vuković: Great ideas need to be simple

Chief Creative Director at McCann Zagreb reveals for Media Marketing how the "Sufferings of satisfied customers" campaign was made, considering it was chosen among the top 25 projects in the region last year at BalCannes.

The task that the agency McCann Zagreb received from their client Raiffeisen Bank was to devise a new communication platform that would start with an image campaign from which to develop product campaigns later on. Banks and banking services still predominantly evoke negative or neutral spontaneous associations: loans, interest, minus, waiting – these are the first associations that come to mind.

Personal experience is the main factor determining the perception of the RBA Bank – clients are satisfied with the bank’s behavior and the business they perform, which is why they consider it very close to the ideal bank.

The question that arises is how to include existing clients and thank them for choosing RBA Bank, and to attract non-clients who have no personal experience with this bank, at the same time avoiding the tone of self-promotion and bragging that doesn’t fit with the banking category and the distrustful social context?

The answer was simple: the satisfaction of our clients speaks for itself! Raiffeisen Bank is a bank of satisfied clients! Still, it’s not easy to be a satisfied user. Other people see them as weird, as no one trusts them. That is why they are isolated and self-conscious. Still, they decide to say something that others are ashamed to say: We are satisfied users of the Raiffeisen Bank!

Brand awareness of the bank after the image campaign rose by 160%, and the number of new credit card users rose by 74% in comparison to the period before the card campaign.

We talked about the campaign Sufferings of satisfied users with Danijel Vuković, Creative Director at McCann Zagreb.

We came up with the idea … through analysis of statistical data from the banking sector, and the facts that RBA has the highest percentage of satisfied users.

Our guiding thought was … to communicate that, in a country in which most people don’t like their bank, there are still those who are satisfied with theirs.

During the realization, the biggest problem we encountered was … quality application of the communication platform to tactical sales campaigns.

The greatest contribution of this campaign were … the praises the bank received from their long-term clients, and arrival of new clients to both the bank, and us, the agency.

And it is special because … it spoke about a topic that is rarely mentioned in the media.

When it comes to our project, we are most proud of … the simple and true idea that was founded in a real insight into the behavior and opinions of people, and its “platformness”, or in other words the ability to evolve over a longer period of time, through years of consistent communicating.

If we were to go from scratch ... we would probably get client’s approval for even bolder execution.

Throughout the process we learned … again, that big ideas must be simple.

What you certainly didn’t know … that all the campaigns within this platform were realized with the same production house and the same director.

From BalCannes we took home … new friendships.