Cooperation of I&F Grupa and Belgrade faculties

Zeljka Micic and Katarina Kostic at FEFA University

Katarina Kostic, Head of Polaris, and Zeljka Micic, Research Manager at Polaris, during the current semester at FEFA University within Marketing Research and Analytics, discussed product characteristics, prices, distribution, advertising (online and offline), and other key topics for business with the students.

Jovana Bradas and Marija Stosic at the Faculty of Economics

Marija Stosic, Senior Strategic Planner, McCann Beograd, and Jovana Bradas, Associate Creative Director at McCann Beograd, gave a lecture at the Faculty of Economics, where through a 45-minute conversation they presented to students how to work on campaigns, and why storytelling is important, on the example of the campaign for Plasma Special Edition.

Elena Tendzera, Milica Pandrc and Nikoleta Pavlovic at the Faculty of Economics

As part of the Digital Marketing course, which is held at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, students had the opportunity to process a case study "Taxi Drama" that McCann did for Yugoslav Drama Theatre in 2014. Elena Tendzera, Account Director, Milica Pandrc, Creative Technology Manager, and Nikoleta Pavlovic, Head of Social Media, all from Drive agency, discussed this case with the students through a workshop, as well as the possibility of an internship at the agency. The topic of the lecture was “Digital Public Relations” which is in their syllabus.

Marija Vicic at FDU

Marija Vicic, Communications Director for Creative Excellence, McCann Adriatic & Nordic, will hold a lecture at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, on the topic of Marketing and PR for series, during which she will discuss the case of one of the cult Serbian series with students :)