Cooperation between FEFA University and I&F Grupa

The list of lecturers for the winter semester of the FEFA University includes Vera Acimović Group Account Director, Katarina Kostic Head of Polaris, Marija Vicic Communications Director for Creative Excellence, McCann Adriatic & Nordic. Last year, as well as this year, through practical examples, they will share their specific knowledge in the areas of marketing mix instruments and their integration with the participants.

Within the subject Principles of Marketing at the master studies of economics at FEFA University, Vera Acimovic (Group Account Director) will share her knowledge via zoom on November 30 this year as well.

Marija Vicic (Communications Director for Creative Excellence, McCann Adriatic & Nordic) will share her knowledge through zoom on December 21 as part of the course Principles of Marketing in the Master's Studies in Economics at the UFEFA University of Economics.

Katarina Kostic (Head of Polaris) will share her knowledge on December 7 this year through zoom as part of the Marketing Research and Analytics course at the FEFA University of Economics. Katarina Kostic, Head of Polaris, and Zeljka Micic, Research Manager at Polaris, last year as part of the current semester at FEFA University in the subject Marketing Research and Analytics, together with students discussed product characteristics, prices, distribution, advertising (online and offline) and other key things for business.

For students of economics, last year's master's program of academic studies of digital transformation is also the first accredited master's program in this field in the country and the region. It is a unique blend of business and information technology. This program is based on intensive exchange of opinions and multidisciplinarity, and is intended for those who want to understand the modern digital way of doing business and manage the world of data and information technologies. As part of the master's study program digital transformation of media and culture, on the topic of Marketing and PR series, last year students processed the case of one of the cult domestic series.