Despite all the challenges it faced during the pandemic, the advertising industry has shown that it has the power to engage, surprise, delight and inspire when people need it most. The creative directors of our agencies present the best world campaigns of 2021.

Norwegian postal service Posten

„In 2022, it is fifty years since it became legal to love whoever you want in Norway – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And maybe it's time to give Santa some time off, anyway. Kudos to our friends at POL advertising for making this ad for the Norwegian postal service Posten“.

Siv Trælvik Breien – Creative Director, McCann Oslo & Jan Petter Ågren – Creative Director, McCann Oslo

Heineken | We'll Meet Again

"After the globally awarded Shutter ads campaign, Heineken continues with great campaigns this year as well. One of them is "We'll Meet Again", which emphasizes that we are above all social beings desperate for contact and in an irresistibly charming way illustrates how much we need each other, and with this need for togetherness gives hope for the future of our problems of eroded civilization“.

Daniel Vukovic - Chief Creative Director, McCann Zagreb

Fresh Start from Extra Gum

„The campaign builds on the Extra brand communication strategy, which is focused on the confidence that comes from fresh breath. Right after the pandemic year with countless Covid-19 serious ads, Extra brought a fresh point of view reminding everyone about the fact that we could all use a fresh start. In an excellent execution, the brand tells the product story in an emotionally involving way, with an optimistic and positive tone. I believe that stories that make the audience feel involved are more likely to become part our their subconscious, thus making the brand image way more impactful“.

Flonia Vasia - Creative Director, McCann Tirana

Womb stories

"An example of a fantastically told story about women's lives, in a flawless art direction, with a clear and meaningful role for the brand. A small work of art. "

Jana Savic Rastovac- Executive Creative Director, McCann Beograd