„Buzzing of matter“ artist in Novembar Gallery

We invite you to visit the exhibition "Buzzing of Matter", by visual artist Đorđe Stanojević in the November Gallery. Gallery Novembar is open every day (except Mondays) from 12-20h, Saturdays 10-18h, and Sundays from 10-14h, at Kursulina 22.

The exhibition presents works that are part of the most recent series of the artist who is recognized for his connection of nature and art. Đorđe Stanojević is intensively researching various methods of painting with nature. Exhibited works are built upon the artist’s former research where his interest in the connection between energy and matter is at the heart of his work. Investigations into nature’s micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos and its forms, the processual character of natural flow, emergence and disappearance, the temporality of the phenomenon and all its phases, the movement, and dynamics of relationships in the living world, the beauty of natural changes and forms – are at the essence of Đorđe Stanojević’s attention.

Images presented in “The Buzzing of Matter“ spill out of the canvas frames. Their energy fills the space and us, who are observing, as well. In an instant, the gallery morphs into a temple – our interaction with the painting permeates the silence. While the paintings before us, unhinged, disperse their revitalizing “radiation”, they become a relic of sorts – the piece retrieves its “aura”, once seized “in the era of mechanical reproduction”, says the curator of the show, Ana Simona Zelenović in the exhibition catalog.

The exhibition is on view until 17.4.2022. The gallery is open for visits from Tuesday till Friday from 12-20h, on Saturdays from 10-18h, and on Sundays from 10-14h.

Đorđe Stanojević (1974) is a visual artist and lecturer. He completed his undergraduate, master's, and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and his professional career commenced in 1999. So far, he has had 37 solo and many group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. He is a full-time professor at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade. Stanojević is the founder and artistic director of the international platform Nature & Art, which focuses on connecting natural and artistic processes. He deals with art theory, writes critiques and essays in the field of fine arts. His works are part of the museum and private collections in Serbia, the United States, China, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Belgium.

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