Brana Pantic and his journey to Copenhagen

I am lucky to cooperate a lot with my colleagues from Copenhagen, providing technical support, so it gives me the opportunity to visit them from time to time. Cooperation with colleagues from there has always been great, full of understanding and respect, and staying there and cooperation with them is always almost like a vacation.

My last trip there was quite inspiring, as the weather served me and I had some free time to spend walking through the beautiful city. Copenhagen is one of the cities where I often find myself smiling, amazed, walking around simply absorbing its beauty. Every day I chose a different route that I would take, even if only to the hotel and I was never wrong, every walk was fulfilling.

Copenhagen is a modern city, but I noticed that they pay close attention to preserving tradition, so in addition to exceptional, preserved old buildings, modern buildings and settlements were built on the other side of the canal, which exude the same spirit and are equally inspiring.

I still have an unfulfilled wish, when I have enough free time, to spend the whole day on my favorite means of transport - a bicycle. That way I will be able to visit much more, see as many parts of this city as possible that offer something new for each of my visits.

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."