Another Grand Prix for Mastercard and McCann Beograd Superheroes!

At the UEPS award ceremony for 2022, Grand Prix went to Superhero project by company Mastercard and McCann Beograd agency. In addition, McCann Beograd, together with its clients Mastercard, Erste Bank and the Coca Cola company, won another 15 awards, while Mastercard was also declared the advertiser of the year.

Superheroes were dominant in the categories Fashion, Sports, Gaming, Financial Sector and Services, Creative efficiency, Award for Direct Marketing, Award for Creative Use of Media, Brand PR, Award for Customer Relationship, Social Media Presence, Award for Best website, Identity creation, Packaging and industrial design, Recognition for CSR and with a special recognition Dragan Sakan for the advancement of the profession, more than deserved the Grand Prix! Mastercard was chosen by the jury as the advertiser of the year.

"Working on a campaign like Superhero is a great challenge and responsibility, but at the same time an honor. From the very beginning, we felt we had a good, honest idea and hoped it would move people to action. Today, one year and several fashion collections later, we can say that our hopes have come true, which makes us extremely proud and will continue to be our motivation to innovate each new collection and campaign to help the NURDOR organization continue to do its important mission. Thank you to the jury and colleagues who recognized the purpose, creativity and love with which we build Superhero!" said Milena Đorić Gudurić, marketing director for the markets of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Mastercard company.

With its client Erste Bank, McCann Beograd won a bronze award in the Financial Sector and Services category for the "Believe in Yourself" campaign, while the bronze award for relationship with customers went to the Coca Cola brand Rosa for the "For parenting as natural as Rosa" realized by the creative team of McCann Beograd.

"The superhero project is really special for us, it symbolizes persistence and patience, but also the power that an idea has, an idea that overcomes all obstacles and changes the world for the better." We are proud of the whole project, not only in the creative sense, but above all in the importance it has for our society and our industry. The superhero is here to stay, because the world will always need superheroes whose power lies in kindness and understanding. No less, we are proud of the campaigns "Believe in yourself" and "For parenting as natural as Rosa", which, just like superheroes, represent our aspiration to contribute to the entire society through our work and change the world for the better", said Aleksandar Milojević, Strategic Planning Director of the agency McCann Beograd.

Source: Media Marketing