The leaders of professional associations met in Ljubljana

After the meetings in Belgrade and Zagreb, the third meeting of the leaders of professional associations of the communications industry of the Adriatic region was held in Ljubljana. The meeting was attended by colleagues from associations from Slovenia (SOZ, who were also hosts), Croatia (HURA), Macedonia (MAAM) and Serbia (UEPS and IAA). Ekrem Dupanović, the owner of the regional Media Marketing portal, was present as a guest from BiH. Our Vanda Kučera conveys the most important conclusions from the meeting.

The third meeting of the leaders of professional associations of the region gathered local and regional experts in the field of market communications.

All representatives of regional associations agreed that there is good will, great space and common interest for improving mutual cooperation and that it is completely clear that we should deal with it in a systematic, organized and planned way.

"Our cooperation is necessary. Despite possible local specificities and differences, both in terms of the size and power of the market itself, and at the level of professionalism, all associations encounter the same or similar problems and strive for the same goals, given the situation and the specific circumstances in which individual associations operate. The main conclusion that came out of this third meeting is that it is necessary to make a short notice and sign the document - letter of intent - which will define the basic, umbrella goals of future cooperation of regional professional associations. The following common goals have been mentioned: ethical standards, regulation and self-regulation, promotion of the profession, education... However, as the development of this document is in progress, I hope that we will soon be able to present it, "explained Vanda Kučera, Vice President of I&F Grupa, a member of the Board at IAA Serbia and Vice President of UEPS.