Logic: 1-800-273-8255

2017. It is no longer unusual that the best campaign of the year was created by a kid, a rapper, and not by a marketing agency. You see, a kid decided to help the young people which feel that suicide is the only answer, so he partnered up with the National Association for the Prevention of Suicide, and titled his song by the hotline number dedicated to all those thinking about hurting themselves. In his touching lyrics, the potential suicidal person dials the hotline and talks about how useless it is for him to continue living, but at the end changes his mind and promises to fight for his life. The results were fantastic. The young people with the same problem identified with the song's character, and felt they are not alone, that there is somebody who understands them, and wants to help them, and is able to. Of all the songs in the world, this one decided to have a clear function and truly help someone. This is surely one "campaign" which doesn't need to be evaluated. It is a beautiful example of human action which changes other people's world(s).

TV 2: All That We Share

The corporate image campaign of the Danish TV 2, in which it clearly talks about its values, even though the video is very emotional, is actually reaching people which identify themselves with those values, in a rational way. And since it is in a form of a social experiment, I believe it is also authentic. Maybe somebody will say it's pathetic, but you can't say it is not true, simple, wise, and eternal. It clearly advocates tolerance, humanity, human rights and freedom. Another fine example of content world/mind-changing.

The New York Times: The Truth Is Hard To Find

After the total collapse of journalism, in every sense, but mostly in a moral sense, Droga5 from New York went back to the beginning and created a campaign in which it again talks about the search for truth. Unpretentiously directed by Darren Aronofsky, the campaign uses authentic photo shots of photojournalists at some of the politically most important places on the planet, followed by their personal comments, since they were there and have witnessed that truth. The global communication environment today is so wide and full of interpretations, which are, more or less, biases and manipulative. No one knows what or who to trust. So that is why the message of this campaign is: The Truth Is More Important Now Than Ever. And that is the truth. And that is why this campaign is more important now than ever.

+ A1: The Bedtime Storytellers

Even though this kind of a campaign model (primarily when it comes to the mechanism) is not entirely new, or has already been seen for a couple of times, this campaign is so beautiful and meaningful, that the fact that it is not original becomes irrelevant, even when it is being judged for its creativity. To be specific, the Slovenian telecom operator A1 has given all the parents the possibility of using audio content in which grandparents living in nursing homes read bed time stories for kids. In addition, the kids could in return give their audio grandparents their drawings. Win-win-win. In this campaign everybody wins – the grandparents which had the pleasure of finding themselves in these roles, and the children which enjoyed interesting tales told in coarse voices of unknown old-timers, and also the parents which have time for nothing, so they got benevolent helpers just before bedtime, when they are tired the most. I don't have children, but if I did have them I am pretty sure that I would also use those audios. A wonderful campaign.

Skittles: Romance The Rainbow

Skittles campaign is only the continuance of a long-term Rainbow platform, which is probably one of the longest in the history of advertising. They are selling a product which has all the colors of the rainbow, and sitting in some of the main shops (which ones I can only guess, but that would be stupid). Besides being in the impulse commodity category where function is irrelevant, the brand has been in the intimacy phase for a long time so it makes images which provoke the status quo and move boundaries. Every comment is redundant :)

I&F McCann Grupa jedan je od vodećih komunikacionih sistema koji 20 godina uspešno posluje u 12 zemlja jugo istočne Evrope i nordijske regije. Naš posvećen tim čini 600 talentovanih profesionalaca, koji svakodnevno sarađuju na integraciji marketinških kampanja, promotivnih aktivnosti, organizaciji događaja, dizajnu, planiranju i zakupu medijskog prostora, PR, produkciji, komunikaciji u oblasti zdravstva, kreiranju TV sadržaja,kao i na svim formama digitalnog marketinga. Agencije koje posluju u okviru I&F McCann Grupe deo su McCann Worldgroup (,jedne od najvećih svetskih agencijskih mreža,osnovane 1902.godine koja posluje u više od 120 zemalja sveta, i u vlasništvu je Interpublic Group (IPG) ( sa sedištem u Njujorku.