SDG and McCann Stockholm launch Zlatan's new skin care products

Zlatan Ibrahimović wants to simplify things for all men who want to take care of their skin, so he’s launching a skin care series, as a whole new series of grooming products - ZLATAN SPORT. The concepts and designs were developed by Scandinavian Design Group together with Amazing Brands, the entrepreneurs behind Zlatan's perfume and skin care brand. The launch campaign with the message "The Right Routine" is signed by McCann Stockholm.

With Zlatan Sport, we get to know Zlatan even better - and take a peek at his own necessities. The Zlatan Sport series is based on Zlatan's own skin care routines and it’s intended even for those guys and men who don’t usually use skin care regularly. It is reflected in both design and communication, as well as in affordable prices in retail.

"We have deliberately worked to create a more direct and easily accessible design that appeals to many, at the same time as it will appear in the shelf, make an imprint and be something the target audience wants and needs on their bathroom shelf, "says Henrik Walse, Design Director at Scandinavian Design Group.

With Zlatan Sport, Zlatan wants to get more people to find their own routine which leads to top performance - no matter if you are a world top athlete or not. It's about how Zlatan's accuracy in every detail makes him succeed again and again. “The brand is wearing my name and of course I use the products myself, they are inspired by my own necessities and based on my own routine. That's why it works. I'm proud”, says Zlatan Ibrahimović.

"For us, it was natural that the next step for the Zlatan Ibrahimović Parfums brand was a grooming series for men. We asked Zlatan to take photos of the content of his toiletry pouch for a while in order to better understand what types of products he uses daily and what was important to him in terms of product characteristics. After a while, Zlatan Sport was created, the perfect grooming series for those who want to take care of themselves and feel like their best selves every day," says Marie Bells Carlzon, Market Manager at Amazing Brands.

Zlatan Sport has been developed through a unique collaboration between Amazing Brands, Scandinavian Design Group and McCann Stockholm, who worked as a seamless team in common premises. Amazing Brands, together with Zlatan, had a clear idea for ZLATAN SPORT and those basis, Scandinavian Design Group has developed strategy, concept and design. The team has since continued to develop all kinds of launch communication that will provide Zlatan Sport a strong impression on the market, in the store shelves, in the web shops - and of course in every man's toiletry pouch.

"Zlatan Sport is the proof of how a smart collaboration works today, where we have expertise and creativity from both Scandinavian Design Group and McCann, supporting Amazing Brands in everything from positioning, identity and all the way down to activations and optimizations in social media,” says Johanna Smeds, Client Director at Scandinavian Design Group.

The products will be launched in shops on June 6th, but the teasers already rolled out on Zlatan's own channels:

Scandinavian Design Group team
Client Director - Johanna Smeds
Design Director - Henrik Walse
Interactive Designer - Isabel Norström
Creative Director - Nils Jensen
Planner - Rebecka Gustafson
Production Manager - Pia Lundström

McCann Stockholm team
Project Manager - Peter Kamstedt
Production Manager - Cajsa Correa
Creative Lead - Chris Lawrence
Digital Creative - Johan Mott
Digital Strategist - Emil Esselin
Digital Director - Johan Eklund
Copywriter - Marcus Sjöberg
Editor - Hannes Falk

The music is produced by the Grammy-nominated Swedish producer Yei Gonzalez from Baggpipe Studios.

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