RTS show "Oko" - Srdjan Saper about Sava Sumanovic

Sid, Paris, Belgrade - In the work of Sava Sumanovic (1896-1942), one of the most important painters of Serbian art of the 20th century, two parts stand out: one, which belongs to his youth, and Paris where he was educated, the other - his mature years, homeland and light of Srem landscapes. On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the birth of Sava Sumanovic, the conversers who spoke in various ways contributed to the preservation of memory and a better understanding of his life and work spoke about the influence and significance of this Serbian painter in the show "Oko".

One of them is Srdjan Šaper, who gave his contribution by playing the character of Rastko Petrovic in the film about Sava Sumanovic called "Sumanovic - a comedy of artists" in the late eighties. Remembering this film, Šaper made a retrospective of the influence of Sava Sumanovic's work on pop cultural movements…

Watch the full show: ttps://bit.ly/367mR5C