New organizational structure of McCann agencies within I&F McCann Grupa

As CEO of McCann Adriatic, aside from the McCann agencies in Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania, Vladimir Dimovski will also be managing McCann agencies in Serbia and Montenegro. Vladimir has been a part of our team for more than 15 years, his dedication and responsibility have contributed to our agencies being recognized by their clients in the region as a reliable partner in creating communication, and as the leading agencies in the market by the advertising industry. With his strategic thinking, mathematical and creative comprehension and understanding of the business environment and the market needs, together with the McCann Beograd team, Vladimir will work on further development of our clients' communication.

"I have been a part of the McCann system for more than 15 years, with its development I have developed myself, and on this path I met the whole process of the creative industry. Today we operate in two regions, and I now have the responsibility and privilege of being at the helm of one of them. Our agencies within the Adriatic region have individually recorded exceptional results so far, each is a leader in its market, and we intend to continue providing efficiency, quality and creativity to our clients, employees and associates, as an integrated communication system," Vladimir said.

Olivera Perković, former Managing Director of McCann Beograd, has been promoted to Deputy CEO of I&F McCann Grupa and will be responsible for defining the corporate strategy as Chief Strategy Officer. Olivera has been entrusted with the further integration of McCann agencies in Southern and Northern Europe, the development of services and the exchange of people and knowledge, as well as forming specialized multi-market teams. Her knowledge and experience, along with the agency's teams, will be directed to further strategic development of agencies. In her new position, Olivera Perković will be in charge of combining agency experiences and services in a strategic and innovative way in order to grow the rich portfolio of your brands on the markets we cooperate in, especially bearing in mind years of experience of our Nordic agencies in branding, design, and sustainable development and the experience of our Southern agencies in creative product and strategy.

"By further integrating our north and south we have a unique opportunity to build on our competitive advantage as wide-ranging communication system that offers our clients high level of expertise across areas of brand strategy, creative product and top notch design. With broad set of knowledge and experiences, as well as synergy of diverse cultures and experience different market environments naturally bring, I look forward for us to form a unique approach on our existing offering, as well as innovate our offer across markets - for additional benefit to our clients, as well as professional development and growth of our people," Olivera said.

"We are boldly facing the challenges in the dynamic market we operate in with responsibility and dedication as well as curiosity to discover consumer needs, striving to build strong relationships with all our partners every day. By exchanging knowledge, experience and people, as well as by team synergy and development of services, we will provide our partners with a balanced, high quality service, whether they communicate their brand in the South or North of Europe," said Srđan Šaper regarding the new roles of Olivera and Vladimir in I&F McCann Grupa.

I&F McCann Grupa operate in 12 countries of Southern and Northern Europe.

I&F McCann Grupa jedan je od vodećih komunikacionih sistema koji 20 godina uspešno posluje u 12 zemlja jugo istočne Evrope i nordijske regije. Naš posvećen tim čini 600 talentovanih profesionalaca, koji svakodnevno sarađuju na integraciji marketinških kampanja, promotivnih aktivnosti, organizaciji događaja, dizajnu, planiranju i zakupu medijskog prostora, PR, produkciji, komunikaciji u oblasti zdravstva, kreiranju TV sadržaja,kao i na svim formama digitalnog marketinga. Agencije koje posluju u okviru I&F McCann Grupe deo su McCann Worldgroup (,jedne od najvećih svetskih agencijskih mreža,osnovane 1902.godine koja posluje u više od 120 zemalja sveta, i u vlasništvu je Interpublic Group (IPG) ( sa sedištem u Njujorku.