McCann Zagreb and Konzum won gold at Effie

Zdravoljupci won gold at Effie 2019! McCann Zagreb signed three campaigns out of 16 finalists of the Effie competition!

At the Effie contest held during Communication Days, McCann Zagreb won the most prestigious Effie award for the popular "Zdravoljupci" campaign for Konzum.

The need for such a campaign has been proven by research which revealed that Croatians are not the biggest fans of fruits and vegetables and that children are among the top five in terms of obesity in Europe. At the same time, the crisis in Agrokor caused a decline in Konzum's customers' trust. The challenge was to regain this trust and positively influence the higher consumption of fruits and vegetables.

As part of the Konzum's loyalty program, a group of (TCC Global Goodness Gang) stuffed toy fruits and vegetables has been brought to life and character, and a song was written not only to entertain, but to educate children and parents. Since August 2018, when they first appeared in the Croatian media space, Zdravoljupci have easily won absolutely everybody - from the youngest to the oldest. They enjoyed being promoted on a number of communication channels, and the results are fantastic.

Zdravoljupci gained an incredible 100% reach in households with children under 12, the spending of consumers buying the toys increased by 40%, fruit and vegetable sales increased by 15% (5% planned), more than 570,000 toys were sold (67% more than planned), YouTube video achieved more than 4.8 million views, with more than 1,000 comments and 15,000 likes, the term " zdravoljupci“ has become the most trendy term on YouTube during the campaign.

Of course not everything is in numbers, the biggest result of the campaign is that children are still singing the song, and often ask their parents to add broccoli Branko, Klara pear, eggplant Patrick and others on their grocery lists.

"Understanding the overall situation of the client and the goals he aspires to, as well as the circumstances that influence the achievement of these goals, is what makes McCann Zagreb the ideal agency partner of the strongest Croatian companies and brands for nearly 30 years. Zdravoljupci and the results achieved by this campaign are a testament to it, "said Tomislav Presečki, CEO at McCann Zagreb.

Besides winning the golden award at Effie 2019, McCann Zagreb signed three campaigns among the 16 finalists of the Effie competition, where, next to the Zdravoljupci project, there's Shake & Take for The Coca-Cola Company and M1 NOGOMET for Croatian Telecom.

"The true trust in the customer-agency relationship builds up long and slow, but McCann's greatest strength is people who know everything about it and have proven it so many times," concluded Bianka Stojanov, Business Leader at McCann Zagreb.