Magazine Nedeljnik and McCann Beograd marked the anniversary of the beginning of the pandemic

Nedeljnik magazine, the highest-circulation Serbian news magazine, has decided to mark the anniversary of the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic (among other things) with a specially designed front page. After the great success of the project "Thank you, doctors" and the cover with two heroes from the first line of public health defense, the editorial board invited the team of McCann Beograd agency to create the new cover page. The design of this special edition is signed by Branko Rosic, but not the journalist from Nedeljnik, but the Senior Art Director in McCann Beograd agency.

The front page created by Lidija Milovanovic "Superheroes" has already won several international awards, and I think that the new one created by Branko Rosic "Lost Year" also has that potential. McCann’s global director, and one of the world’s greatest designers, invited Time magazine to do something similar, and I think if Time did something like that the whole world would talk about it. That says volumes about how many creative people McCann has, and I’m proud of our collaboration in which we agreed to entrust creative front pages, what aren’t a weekly production or big interviews, to McCann’s creative team. For days, I watched what the world media was playing about the pandemic, and apart from the yellow smiley that GQ released, there weren't too many original and viral solutions. And that's why I really think that what Lidija and Branko did belongs to the top of the world press. And I would dare to say that perhaps these are the two best solutions so far in the pandemic ", says Veljko Lalic, the editor-in-chief of Nedeljnik.

"Days are only numbers. Every day we hope that tomorrow will be better, that all this will end. And time passes. We are waiting. We're counting down the days. Because, the days that pass are just numbers that are crossed out. Months are sets of crossed out numbers. Line after line. A year made of those lines. An impersonal group of lines. A gap in the form of numbers and lines. Our time is not coming. It’s counting down,” adds Branko Rosic, Senior Art Director, McCann Beograd, designer of the cover of the latest issue of Nedeljnik magazine, describing his inspiration and the creative concept.

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