I&F McCann Grupa formed a GDPR team

In accordance with the European regulations on personal data protection, I&F McCann Grupa (together with the agencies in South-East Europe operating within the system) has implemented all legal, technical and organizational measures (IT system, agency sites, WeCann newsletter, etc.).

This regulation is implemented in all the markets the I&F McCann Grupa operates on, whether they are part of the European Union or not, which makes it one of few companies that did it within the deadline defined by the EU for the start of the application of GDPR. This was also confirmed by the auditor by issuing the certificate that the company has harmonized its business with the GDPR standards.

Along with the process of educating employees, a GDPR team has been formed, which will work with each agency on the harmonization and implementation of technical and organizational measures prescribed by GDPR. In addition to the GDPR team, from the beginning of the process, a position has been established in the company, the Data Protection Officer (DPO), in order to ensure monitoring of the implementation of GDPR. This is a great advantage to all the clients because the implementation of this regulation confirms it being a responsible company that operates in compliance with EU standards and respects all technical, legal and organizational standards in the management and processing of data and information, but also that its information system is set up in line with international standards of safety standards.