How far will you go to protect your family?

The serbian series „Besa“ starts airing on December 16th on SUPERSTAR mts TV

The series was filmed in the international co-production of Antenna Group Studios, Adrenalin and Red Planet Pictures.

In the "Besa“ series, which reflects the custom of a firm promise that must be maintained at the cost of life, the maze of unpredictable circumstances crosses the roads of Uroš, the common man, and Dardan, the regional drug lord. Through 12 episodes, every Sunday from 21h on SuperStar TV (channel 103 of mts TV) we will see how far is Uros ready to go to protect his family.

The "Besa" series, produced according to the highest production standards, gathered well-known world and domestic scriptwriters, as well as regional and international cast. For the first time in our region, the famous British screenwriter Tony Jordan (known for his TV series Hustle, Life on Mars...) together with a team of writers from our region and scriptwriter Mladen Matičević, created a domestic series that follows all the standards of the famous British drama series.

"After working on many drama series in the U.K and U.S, I must admit that working on Besa was a fantastic experience. Excellent production and the acting team bring viewers a series of the same quality as in England. It's nice to see that an original drama, like those that can be seen all over the world, comes from Balkans, representing a universal story that we can all identify with, "said Tony Jordan, the lead author and creator of the series.

"Mts TV is developing into a modern platform that, with its comprehensive programming content, meets the most demanding tastes of our viewers. The future of telecommunications business is increasingly associated with multimedia services, primarily television. Anyone who wants to be a leader in this business must provide their users with the best content, primarily in the field of entertainment and sports programs. By launching SuperStar TV, this was exactly what we were aiming for, and at the beginning of the broadcast of the `Besa` series, we clearly confirm our determination that the best quality domestic serial program will be the backbone of our offer, said Vladimir Lučić, Telekom Srbija Group Internet and Multimedia Coordinator.

"Antenna Group Studios is proud of the new project, which I can safely say has shifted the boundaries both in Serbian and regional production. After winning Hollywood through investment in the most successful production companies - `Imagine Entertainment` and` Propagate`, our company continues to grow in the region by investing in the best and original media content like the `Besa` series. This project brought together a great production and cast from the whole region. It's an extraordinary, exciting and very sensitive story. I am convinced that the audience will be delighted, both in our country and around the world, because the series will also be broadcasted outside the region. Our company, Antenna Group, will continue to invest in innovative content that will shift the boundaries in the further development of the TV industry in Serbia and globally, "said Manja Grčić, Director of the Antena Group for Serbia and Montenegro.

The series was filmed in the international co-production of Antenna Group Studios, Adrenalin Production and Red Planet Pictures, and mts television has the exclusive rights to broadcast the premiere.
Tea Korolija, the producer at Adrenalin Production, says: "Besa is the biggest project we have ever done and one of the biggest TV projects in the region. We are proud to have gathered a team of creators, actors and directors to set up an international team to deliver a convincing story in the style of the popular Breaking Bad or Ozark series, which deals with topics related to morality, identity and interpersonal relationships."

The series gathers about 200 actors from the entire territory of former Yugoslavia, as well as foreign actors from Albania, Great Britain and France. The author team led by director Dušan Lazarević (Death in Paradise, Misfit ...) recorded the series "Besa" for more than 120 days, in attractive locations across the Balkans.
The main roles are played by Radivoje Bukvić, Miloš Timotijević, Arben Bajraktaraj, followed by the acting team: Lana Barić, Milica Gojković, Milan Marić, Gresa Pallaska, Radoslav Milenković, Hana Selimović, Marko Janjić, Mensur Safqiu, Boris Milivojević, Ivan Zarić, Sebastian Cavazza, Kamka Točinovski, Milena Radulović, Slaven Došlo, Boris Kobal, Elizabet Brodić, Dušan Kovačević, Neritan Licaj, Nebojša Dugalić, Mirsad Tuka and many others.

The "Besa" series is the first exclusive content on SuperStar TV, a channel that has become the favorite address of all mts television users in a short broadcast time.