Getinge launches first global campaign

Getinge, the global MedTech company, just launched its first ever global campaign, 'Together as One'. Launched internally in 2017, the campaign helped Getinge consolidate its global businesses under one Getinge brand. Externally the campaign focuses on of the fact that when we all work together as one, saving lives is the best job in the world. It highlights how at its best, when we move from statistics to individual people, the multilayered and complex mathematics of saving lives zeroes in on a singular outcome, 'one life saved'.

McCann Health Nordic created the campaign around one key insight: no matter the function or title, regardless of whether the task is performed in the operating room or the basement, whether you handle the equipment or supply it, collaboration is critical to saving lives. The campaign demonstrates that when it comes to saving lives, healthcare professionals and Getinge will be there for people's most vulnerable moments, by their side, working "Together as One".

"The brand film we created for this campaign, which is based around 'the walk', that moment when the surgeon, with the weight of somebody's life on his shoulders, has to walk down the corridor and inform the family of the outcome, is very emotional," say Noak Garberg and Mikkel Dahl, the Stockholm based creatives behind the campaign. "Regardless of whether that news is good or bad, in that moment the surgeon represents more than 50 people who, in one way or another, have been critical to the job of saving a life. For the patient's loved ones, whose worlds are about to change based on the surgeons words, it's one of the tensest moments they will ever experience."

"We really want to show our core customers, like surgeons, ICU nurses, CSSD managers, how much we value their professionalism and how much we want to be their partner. Our first ever global campaign celebrates them doing what they do best, saving lives. And we are proud to be a little part of these heroes' lives," says Markus Ziegler, Vice President Marketing Communications at Getinge.

Getinge's first ever global campaign will be supported locally in more than 30 markets, including local channels and professional platforms like LinkedIn.

"For McCann Health Nordic this has been a great collaboration, as our core Getinge team sits in both Stockholm and Copenhagen," says Alan Emmins, Managing Director for McCann Health Nordic. "Getinge as the client has been really brave with this campaign. They have bucked the industry trend of showcasing their innovations and solutions, and talking about their history and heritage, and have instead demonstrated their value. They have said, 'look at this incredibly powerful moment'. They have put the true heroes out front, and are proud to be in the room with them, to say look at what we enable these heroes to do.'

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