Dunja Hasanović at the 2018 Hungary GC Summit

After improving communication, the technology has made the information more accessible, and has significantly influenced legal practice in the past few years. However, digitization of content and technological development often take place faster than the law can follow. As a result, experts from this area gathered to discuss it at the "Managing the New Challenges of Technology" panel at the CEE Legal Matters 2018 HU General Counsel Summit, moderated by Dunja Hasanović, Head of Legal at I&F Grupa.

"It has long been known that technology is changing the way we live and work. BlockChain, smart contracts, legal robots, artificial intelligence judges - are just some of the tech buzz terms to which even the legal profession is not immune. With the interlocutors Balazs Kokeny - Head of Legal Nokia, David Domsits - Senior Legal Manager Cognizant and Janos Puskas – President of Hungarian Corporate Compliance Society, I talked about the challenges that the speed of technological development and the complexity of digital platforms create in the legal sector and affect the complexity of its business. Opinions differ, but the conclusion was almost unique that the seemingly complicated processes, innovations and their implementation, are actually partners to legal teams in all industries and that their opportunities should be used through partnership and flexibility of the work that the new technology allows us, "said Dunja, and added: "About all this, but also other innovations in the field of digital and marketing in general, on cross-border cooperation, the needs of corporate transparency and other important issues, we will talk at the Balkan General Counsel Summit, which will be held in Belgrade later this month and which will gather more than 100 senior in-house legal experts from across the CEE region."