An alternative reading list

Our colleague Monna Nordhagen, Nordic strategy director in Scandinavian Design Group and a true readaholic, gives you an alternative reading list. It's a must-read!

For Norwegians, easter is all about re-enacting what happened tens of thousands of years ago when the ice receded from the European continent. Some of the thickest-skinned explorers followed the ice north and became what is now known as Scandinavians.

Every year when spring is in the air and it is getting pleasant in the lowlands, we Norwegians pack up our skis, oranges and easter eggs and head up to the mountains where winter is still ruling. Its in our DNA. Unknown to me is why we also bring books. Crime mostly - "Easter-crime" is an actual expression. In reality though, tradition is not too strict on this point.

Those who know me also know I am a readaholic, mostly on topics relevant to my job. So here is a proposed alternative vacation reading list inspired by Norwegian easter traditions.

Whodunit: The fun thing with a good whodunit is trying to second guess the author, who on their side is trying to keep you guessing. There are lots of big and small mysteries in the real world also, sometimes with surprising explanations. Can the choice of name influence your child's future? Does capital punishment deter crime? Why do experts routinely make up statistics? Read "Freakonomics" and challenge your little grey cells to try to figure out the answers on your own.

Chick flick or romantic comedy: Need to get your oksytocin levels up? You know the stuff that makes you tear up watching Love Actually or feel all warm inside after a good hug. Now you can kill two birds with one stone: Get the good vibes yourself and become better at creating a more productive environment at work. Read "Trust Factor" and feel your heart go all soft for you colleagues. Find it here.

Horror story: For anyone on the risk averse side with neurotic tendencies concerning job security, this is the ultimate scare. By all means an interesting book, and much talked about when it was published. The big question is what happens when so many of todays jobs are taken over or eliminated by technology? Optimist or pessimist? Read "The rise of the robots" and find out. Find it here.

Sci-fi: How about becoming better at predicting the future rather then reading about someone else doing it? Want to be better at guessing which football team will win the league? Or whether your colleague is about to quit? Or if there will be a strike that will affect your business? No-one can say for sure, but you can for sure become better at predicting. Read "Superforecasting" and acquire a useful life-skill while enjoying an interesting real-life story. Find it here.

Short stories: Sometimes you are ready for a short read, but not to commit to a full book. Snacking, like with a TED talk or a Podcast, is a great way to take a break and feed your mind in small increments. For small reads that is sure to inspire concrete actions, Read "50 ways to yes" for bite-sized insight and ideas to make you a better influencer when you are back. Find it here.

And I promise: These are all good reads, well written, entertaining and "light" in style. Go for the intellectual equivalent of substituting sofa and snacks with a good run: Takes a bit of willpower before, but feels great after. Find it here.

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