I&F McCann Grupa is contributing in the education of future leaders

The educational program AcademIAA, organized by the Serbian Chapter of the international network IAA, has gathered numerous experts in the field of advertising, among which are the representatives of member agencies of I&F McCann Grupa, in order to share their valuable experience with young talents, and by doing so, contribute to the development of our profession.

"In the advertising industry I&F McCann Grupa represents a specific pool of expert knowledge. By the participation of our exquisite individuals in the AcademIAA program, we are sharing our knowledge, skills and our experience in working in a multinational company and using a rich fund of relevant researches and advanced tools which are available in the eminent global network we belong to. We truly believe that a company that is serious and responsible has an obligation to continuously contribute to the growth and development of its industry. For the past 20 years, we have been very engaged in that segment. As the initiators of change and trends on a local and regional market, we look forward to the opportunity to shape the future leaders in communication", emphasizes Vanda Kučera, Director of Corporate Affairs at I&F McCann Grupa.

AcademIAA 360° of marketing communications is a three-month long program which encompasses 6 modules – business, creative, digital, media, research, All Stars and etc. During the program the attendants will have the possibility to meet experts who have, with their dedication, experience, way of thinking and working, and with numerous prestigious awards, built our profession and set the boundaries of quality.

Srđan Šaper, Osnivač McCann Beograd

Within the CREATIVE module, the Creative Directors of McCann Beograd, the recipient of Cannes Lions award, Jana Savić Rastovac and Vladimir Ćosić, held an interesting lecture "Who is who, and what is what in the creative?". "We envisioned our lecture so that we can, alongside the basic notions, information and processes related to the creative department of a big agency, also tell the audience what we think is the core of our profession – on one hand the difficult, disciplined work, and on the other the spiritual fulfillment we get through the process of coming up with great ideas", Jana said, while Vladimir added that "For me, the most interesting part of this lecture was the exchange between the students, the dialogue and conversation about our profession, the opinions and understandings of a new generation. Personally, I was positively surprised by the energy and interest of this exquisite, motivated and intelligent group of young people".

The module Media will start the theme of trends and multitude of specifics related to the work of media outlets and agencies in the region, and taking part in it, as the representative of UM Belgrade agency, will be the Business Development Director Media Operations SEE, Katarina Kostić, who will hold a lecture on the subject of "Why is the whole world enchanted by the media?" Hoping that the young people will leave her speechless "because it is expected of them, considering all the sources of knowledge they have available" , Katarina adds "It is an honor for me to open the Media module and to draw in the students of the academy into a world that has been so rapidly evolving in the past 10 years, but also infect them with a little bit of this passion which has held me in this field for the last 15 years, and to try and evoke their questions, curiosity and fascination".

BUSINESS module will present the complexity of the relationships between the clients and the agency in the contemporary marketing. Marija Stošić, the Senior Creative Planner of McCann Beograd agency will present herself with the lecture titled "Creativity in contemporary business" and Miloš Stanković, New Business Manager of McCann Beograd agency through the topic "New business agency – challenges and perspectives". "I can hardly wait to convey my experience to a generation which will elevate our profession to a whole new level. I would like the students to learn that the new business is a very important part of a modern marketing agency, how one works on pitch projects, what can give them an advantage over the competition, and a few more secrets…", Miloš said.

Danka Trbojević, Account Director of a full-service digital agency DRIVE will be talking about the growing importance of a carefully created online content and the tendencies to valorize certain forms, within the DIGITAL

module. As she herself says, "This program gives the possibility of finding the newest trends in the online industry and ways of listening to the needs of the target group. Education in this field is very important because the trends are evolving the fastest in the online industry, and because of that the new possibilities for the positioning of companies, their recognition and product placement are constantly arising. In addition to all this, the students have the opportunity to hear and see some new good and interesting examples from the profession itself. "

The RESEARCHES module will deal with their integration in marketing and the use of information in decision-making process, and speaking on that subject will be Katarina Pribićević, the Strategic Planning Director from McCann Beograd agency." In our industry's context, the need for a better understanding of circumstances and reality we are working and living in is growing. In accordance with that, the value of recognizing the moment is exceptionally high. Despite the fact that there is a strong tendency for a precise coordinates (where is the market category, what are the chances of the specific brand in that category and the given territory, are there any so called "holes in the market", and so on) and that modern researches are the tools for getting to know that objective truth, reality and everyday operations beg to differ. Modern advertising asks for a very subjective outlook on the present moment, category and market", Katarina said.

The AcademIAA educational program, during which the lectures will also be held by our colleagues from different agencies, will last until December 10th this year.

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